Friday, July 29, 2011

Long weekend

This weekend is a long weekend and I am beyond happy!  It's been a tough week.  Last week I got some weird stomach flu, the works. Fever, couldn't keep anything down, sore throat, you name it I had it.  Thankfully it didn't last too long but I missed my nephews birthday party and my book club meeting, along with a couple of days of work. Later in the week, a nasty cough that kept everyone in the house awake and a bout of pink eye.  At least it seems that the worst is over.

This weekend all I'm going to do is stay in my basement and get crafty.  It's been a while and there's a couple of projects that I have to get finished, including a headboard for our bedroom. I also have to organize the mountains of fabric I have.

Next week we have a friend of Shawn's staying with us for a couple of days. It's nice to have some company since we don't have any friends here.

Other than that, nothing new.  We live boring lives.


Catherine said...

So sorry you've been so sick. Yuck!!! Hope you're well on your way back to 100%

Getting your craft on sounds like a great way to spend a weekend. There's nothing like completed projects as a feeling of accomplishment.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear from you and see that you are still around.

Hopefully your feeling better and getting alot of crafts accomplished.