Sunday, August 21, 2011

A note about Poppy

It's been over three months since Poppy joined our household and here are some interesting facts about her.
  • When Poppy came to live with us, her coat was very coarse compared to Jinx.  I just chalked it up to her genetics.  Today her coat is much, much softer.  It's amazing what a good diet and regular grooming will do to a dogs coat.
  • She loves to sleep with one of her back legs sticking out underneath her.  It's really cute.
  • Just recently she started lying on her back. Jinx always did that but not Poppy.  The other day I reached down to pet her belly and she rolled on to her back as she wagged her tail.  She's learning to trust us.  
  • She doesn't always jump on furniture, she sometimes climbs on it.  Also a very funny thing to witness.
  • Her bark is not as mean sounding as Jinx's.  It's a funny little bark.  I will try to capture her barking one day (not that we encourage that behaviour).
  • Poppy is scared of thunder.  We had a bad thunderstorm a little while ago and when the thunder struck she went running to Shawn and was like velcro until the storm passed.
  • She loves to give little puppy kisses. 
  • Poppy still has some food aggression issues but we are working with her on it.  We've been told it could be a while before we show any progress.  She needs to learn that she will always be fed and that will take time.
  • Poppy is fast.  She leaves Jinx in the dust when it comes to chasing a ball.  She becomes so fixated on it and nothing else matters except getting the ball.
  • That being said, when she's had enough she just lies down once she's done.
  • Poppy doesn't whine.  At all.
  • Below is a picture of Poppy, lying in the muddy water, after chasing the ball because she's had enough.


4D said...

What a sweet face! With time, wounds will heal. So great that she is fitting in and loving her mum and dad.

Keep smilin!

Michele said...

What 4D said!