Saturday, October 01, 2011

Look Who's One!

Today our Poppy turns one!  Well, we're assuming it's today.  Since she is a rescue dog we're not quite sure of her birthday.  So we picked today as her birthday.  I'm so happy we decided to keep her and she is part of our family.  She is such a gentle dog, so loving and caring.

We've seen her progress so much from the first day that she came into our home.  For example, a few weeks ago she finally rolled on her back so we can could scratch her belly, she's never done that before.

So once again, happy birthday to one of the prettiest blondes I know.  Hope you had a good day.


Michele said...

Have a great 1st birthday celebration.

M and M said...

Happy Day Poppy!!

You have quite a special family there!

Two Kayaks said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Poppy! I love your blonde sweetheart.

4D said...

Happy Birthday Sweet P!!!

Keep smilin!