Friday, August 16, 2013

30 LID Days

I haven't posted in a while.   A long while.  We've been busy.  We've moved back home, across the country.  It's good to be close to family and friends again. Our house is in major need of renos so we've been busy with those as well.  We've had to update our homestudy so that's now done, we are just waiting for government approval, again.  We just needed to keep proving that we're worthy of being parents.

What's got me posting again? We are now officially 30 LID days away from a referral.  I've done some calculations, if the CCC@@ continues to do 3-4 days worth of referrals, we will get ours in the next 7-10 months, although I am not holding my breath.  Now there is a rumour out there that they have done 10 days worth of referrals this month but no one is confirming anything.

If we do get our referral in the next few months, that will mean we've waited over SEVEN years for a referral.  So much for the two year maximum we were told about.  I guess we will just sit and wait to see what happens.  That's something we've gotten really good at.


Catherine said...

You have waited SOOOOO long! So excited to know that you're in the home stretch!

Liz and Ava said...

Keep your chin up!...your time is approaching! And then the next 7 years will fly by so fast, you won't know what