Friday, November 17, 2006

This weekend

Some of you know that my sister lives about 5 hours away from here in a small little town, so they don't have a lot of choices when it comes to where to buy things or retail therapy. Last week while she was in town she took her car into the dealership because it was time for a tune up and she thought that the muffler was making some funny noises. When she took it in they told her the transmission was done. It's a fault with the car so the manufactuerer is paying for it. They gave her a loaner car in the meantime. The problem is she had to get back home to get back to work. As a result, she took the loaner car back home with her and left her car at the dealership. This weekend, Shawn and I are going to take her car back to her and then on Monday drive the loaner car back to the dealership. So to make a long story short, we're going to see my sister this weekend. It'll be nice to see her and to see Lucas too, Isabel says that he keeps asking for us, talk about a great ego boost.

Not looking forward to the long drive, especially since we have to bring Jazz (the furry baby) with us. Cat owners know that very few cats enjoy travelling in the car. We Isabel lived near Kingston we took Jazz with us and she did NOT appreciate the three hour car ride, I can't imagine what the 5 hour drive will do to her. I guess I can look at this as practise for the 17 hour plane ride home with an infant that's just starting to get to know you.


Doris & Dan Clark said...

A nice visit sounds good. Drive carefully! Maybe a tiny sliver of Gravol might help kity relax on the car ride?

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

Good luck on your car trip. I'm with Doris, a little sedative goes a loooong way! Have fun seeing your sister!