Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Comedy of Errors

Last night, a group of us mommies in waiting were going to gather in the east end of the city to have dinner together. We chose the east end because it's halfway for almost everyone. Kathy, Michelle, Crystal, Lisa and I were going to meet for a night of great food and great company.

Then poor Kathy sent an email telling us that she was sick with the stomach flu, Michelle followed up with her own email stating that she too was sick with the stomach flu. Crystal then told us that she was also feeling sick. In the end, it was just Lisa and I for dinner. We found it hilarious that we live in the west end of the city and we ended up in the east end, although we felt really bad for the girls because it sounded like they were so sick. But of course, it was better for them to stay home and take care of themselves. Despite the fact we were missing the girls, we had a great time! Lisa told me about her first adoption and everything she experienced, we shared family stories, work stories, infertility stories and our future hoopes and expectations. It even turns out that Craig, Lisa's husband, works with someone we know. Talk about a small world.

Lisa was then kind enough to give me a ride home. She came in and met Shawn and they spoke for a while as well.

Hopefully we'll all be able to tray again in the new year with everyone healthy.

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Mark & Michelle said...

Glad that you enjoyed yourself. Today is the first day that I feel human again!!

We will make a date for January.