Monday, September 27, 2010

For the love of stretchy pants

Okay, no more brooding or heaviness.  From now on it's good times (well I'll try at least).

If you had asked me 5 years ago, heck if you had asked me a year ago how I feel about stretchy pants (i.e. yoga pants or  jogging pants) I would've said they should only be worn at the gym or at home. Never, ever, ever should they be worn out in public.  However, if you ask me now, I have a very different opinion.

Here is my history with stretchy pants.  When we were going through fertility treatments, I became very bloated.  That's when I started wearing stretchy pants but only at home.  I suffered when I was public squeezing myself into my dress pants and jeans.  I refused to wear them in public.

Last year I bought a pair of yoga pants and I just love them!  I started wearing them more often around the house but would change before we went out.  Then one day, I didn't feel like changing so I wore them in public.  You know what happened?  Nothing!  The fashion police didn't give me a ticket for wearing them in public. 

So now I wear my stretchy pants whenever I can, out in public, on a plane, on long car rides, everywhere and anywhere. Plus, I'm getting to the age where I just don't care anymore.  So long as I'm comfortable, that's all that matters.


Two Kayaks said...

I totally could have written this post. I'm in LOVE with my stretchy pants!! I even bought a pair of capri stretchy pants! :)

M and M said...

I love stretchy pants too!!