Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Referral Formally Accepted

This week we met with our social worker and formally accepted our referral.  We signed all our paperwork and faxed them back to our agency before mailing off the originals.  We've also requested that our agency try to get updated information on Lily, hopefully that will include updated pictures as well.

Now we wait (again) for ministry approval and then off to the C3WA for approval. Once we get our LOI we can FINALLY confirm flight dates.  If we can't go before the end of August then we have to wait until after the LNY celebrations which this year will be September 10th.  Please keep your fingers crossed that we get the earlier date.

People have told me before that this part of the wait was difficult.  This part is excruciating.  I just want to go to Shihezi and get Lily, hold her in my arms and let her know that she is a part of our family forever.


Sherri said...

Congrats once again on your referral. The big wait is OVER and this is the easiest part. I found that when we finally got our referral and having that photo, time does go by fast. In two months time, we had our Emma. Referral on 12.20.11 and in our arms on 2.19.12, adoption day was the 20th...two months and sometimes it feels just like yesterday she place in our arms and it's been over 2 yrs now.

Michele said...

I so understand. This part of the wait is so hard but you will forget it once she is in your arms.

Wendi said...

Been following your blog for a long time! I'm so happy for you!!